Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well there's still two hours, but I'm going to bed. I know, lame. But that's ok. I don't mind. I used to love new years eve, but I'm not really into drinking or partying anymore, which I'm extremely grateful for.

I got a second interview at the country club, this time with the restaurant manager, so I'm happy (and surprised) about that. So perhaps I didn't make quite as much of a fool of myself as I had previously assumed. Or they're desperate for workers. It's really not an appealing job. Minimum wage plus tips if the waitresses feel like being generous, no benefits that I know of, it's out in the middle of nowhere, and the guy flat out told me the club members are arrogant assholes. Exciting! But I don't give a rat's ass right now, I need a job and I'll work just about anywhere right now (excluding, maybe, Burger King or shrimp picking.)

Good night all, and Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year to you as well :D!

    How did the interviews go? To a great 2009! *smash glass*

  2. I hope you get that job girl.
    Need to make the dough...good luck

  3. Not lame at all. New Years' eve is the best night of the year for staying in and going to bed early (personally, this year, I was on the phone with a faraway online friend, and didn't even realize midnight had passed until 1:30). It's a night for amateur partiers, ludicrous and almost always disappointed expectations, and drunk drivers everywhere....Anyway, good luck with the job (or with finding a better one...).

  4. Hi!
    happy new year and don't stop writing!
    See you around.

  5. New Years Eve is the worst night of the year to go out, the worst night for drinking, the worst night for partying, and certainly the worst night for ya did good to go to bed early.

    How come now blog posts since then, though, you make a fuckin' resolution or somethin'?