Sunday, January 25, 2009

the Country Club.....

Ok, so I DID get that job at the Country Club. After the manager called to inform me he had filled the position, he called back a few days later and asked me if I was still interested in working there, because the first chick they hired couldn't hack it and only lasted one night(how reassurring....)

Anyhow, it turns out to be the easiest job I've ever had, and fun too. I don't see how anyone couldn't handle THAT job, really, I get to stand there and show people where their tables are, make reservations, bus a table once in a while. Easy. Last night was the biggest night we've had sinse I've been there(what, two weeks?) and I handled everything with grace and efficiency, only assigning two parties to one table at the same time twice, and for the whole night, ONLY ONE guest was severly injured!!!